Listen to Demos

Please feel free to try out the demo audio clips on this page. Just download and open these files with your favorite media player.

Use your earphones/headphones to feel the difference more clearly.



Demo Audio 1  -  Love of Love
  Original mono: Download (MP3, 274KB)
Converted stereo: Download (MP3, 369KB)
Demo Audio 2  -  Canon
  Original mono: Download (MP3, 307KB)
Converted stereo: Download (MP3, 417KB)
Demo Audio 3  -  Ave Maria
  Original mono: Download (MP3, 302KB)
Converted stereo: Download (MP3, 421KB)
Demo Audio 4  -  Cantoluna
  Original mono: Download (MP3, 255KB)
Converted stereo: Download (MP3, 361KB)
All in One Demo  -  (Concatenated Clips)
  Mono + Stereo: Download (MP3, 2.27MB)


Demo 1, 2 and 4 are converted with default options. For demo 3 (Ave Maria), below options are used:

Stereo width = 50, Resonance = 50, Balance = 8, Panning = -30